Initiation to A.I. at Forbach’s e-Lab in the North East of France

Jordan Barbier, e-Lab’s coordinator on Forbach’s territory, has moderated workshops with the AlphAI robot in May 2021. This programme is supported by the Nancy-Metz Academy through the Délégation Académique au Numérique Educatif (DANE) with the financial support of he European funds of the FEDER programme.

A first serie of three workshops has been achieved with students from the final year of High School.  They took control of the robot, discovered how the robot learns with the camera, and developed more advanced activities.

A second serie of workshops had gathered pupils from elementary classrooms, who trained the robot to avoid more and more often to hit the red barriers, using a trial error approach. During these workshops, they discovered the supervised learning process.

These first workshops, achieved just after the deconfinement,will be continued with other classrooms from Middle School next September. Jordan will rely on the pedagogical resources provided by Learning Robots.

Let’s activate our neurons together!

Primaire Entrainement du robot 2