AlphAI robots upgrade


In order to have access to a better Bluetooth connectivity with Bluetooth Low Energy mode, and to future improvements of the AlphAI robot, a full robot upgrade might be necessary. This document gives you the relevant information to upgrade your robots.

Do I need to upgrade my robots?

  • If the connect button of your robot displays BLE ✓, congratulations! This robot is compatible with BLE, and you do not need to do anything.
  • If the connect button of your robot displays BLE ✗, no luck! You will not be able to use BLE mode unless you upgrade this robot. We suggest below two methods to carry out this upgrade.
  • If the connect button of your robot does not display any message of this kind, you can make it appear simply by connecting your computer to the robot’s Wi-Fi network (requires AlphAI 1.8.0 or higher).

Upgrade method 1 : Manual Installation

This method requires:

  • A computer (preferably under Windows), admin rights and a python 3.6+ environment.
  • A micro SD reading device. Some laptop computers are equipped with one, or you can buy a USB micro-SD reading device for less than 10€.
  • A good internet connection and enough disk space to download a 16 GB disk image (over 4 hours with a 1 MB/s output, less than 30 min with a 10 MB/s output).
  • About 15 min to upgrade each robot’s SD card.

Please go to this page, where you will find the detailed instructions to carry out this upgrade.

Upgrade Method 2 : receive new SD cards by mail

Our indicative price is 60€ to replace your SD cards with new ones (for Metropolitan France area). Please contact us at in order to determine a payment method suited to your needs.