Manual update of AlphAI robots’SD card

A – Remove the SD card from its slot

  1. Check that the robot is OFF (bottom switch).
  2. Remove the robot’s shell. Take care not to bump the camera out of its slot.
  3. Remove the 4 bottom screws as shown on the image below. Use caution as the upper plate is linked to the bottom plate. You can gently detach the flat cable that links them, but do not forget to attach it back when reassembling the robot!
  4. The SD card is located at the rear left of the green Raspberry Pi (see image).

B – Update the SD card

  1. Download the following file: disk image. Beware: this is a large file of 16 GB!
  2. Download the program Win32DiskImager from the official website:, and proceed with the installation. (If you are using macOS or Linux, you can substitute Win32DiskImager with an equivalent program to create and manage disk images.)
  3. Insert the micro SD card in the reader and launch the program Win32DiskImager. (This program has known incompatibilities with other programs that create virtual disk, such as Google Drive. If such a program is installed on your computer, you might have to deactivate it by selecting quit from the task bar.)
  4. Inside Win32DiskImager window, in the field Image file, select the file downloaded previously, as shown in the image below.
  5. In the field Device, select the name of the SD card disk. If you do not know which disk corresponds to the SD card, you can quickly check that from your file explorer. Beware: this disk name is not necessarily D:\ on your computer, and by selecting a wrong disk, you might erase important data!
  6. Click on Write. Writing the image to the SD card takes about 15 minutes.

C – Reassemble the robot

After writing the new disk image on the SD card, you can place it back to its slot, colored part facing up. Then, reassemble the robot and turn it ON.

D – Configure the new SD card

  1. After about 30 seconds, your robot should vibrate and start blinking with a white color.
  2. To reconfigure your robot’s number and color, follow the instructions at: SD card configuration.
  3. Congratulations, your robot is now compatible with the latest version of AlphAI!