How to configure the number and color of your AlphAI robot

  1. Launch the configuration tool with one of the following methods:
    • From AlphAI version 1.8.0, this tool is accessible from the menu: Tools > Configure robot.
    • If you have a lower version, you can either update it, or download and execute the file : AlphaBotConfigEditor.bat (on Windows only). The first execution of this script might take longer if your python environment is missing the required packages, as they will be installed automatically.
  2. After launch, a Connection window appears (see image below). Now, you should start your robot and connect your computer to its Wi-Fi network named ALPHAI-000000. The password is also ALPHAI-000000.
  3. Click OK. A new AlphaBot 2 configuration options window appears (see image below). You can now enter your robot number and color, then click OK again.
  4. Wait for the confirmation window Success (see image below), then click OK and restart your robot using the switch underneath.
  5. After restart, your robot should now blink in the right color and emit a Wi-Fi network corresponding to the chosen number. The Wi-Fi password was also changed to correspond to the network name.